As throngs of humanity pack Rome’s St. Peter’s Square, all await the news from the Sistine Chapel as to who will be the next Pope. But no one is more anxious than Iraqi American Sami Yusuf, for he and one of the papal candidates share a well-kept secret. When it is finally announced that Cardinal Paul Rogan has been elected Pope, Sami knows the one thing about Father Rogan that no one in the crowd does—he is a humble shepherd who molests his unsuspecting sheep.

Rendezvous in Baghdad written by Ben Sheldon is a compelling tale that spans three continents, a vendetta that drives an Iraqi American pilot into international drama and culminates with unexpected ramifications that change everything forever.




Excerpt from the Book

Chapter 1--Habemus Papam

Throngs of humanity packed Rome’s St. Peter’s Square on this cool April morning, at the Vatican. They jostled, waited and waited, for a smoke signal from the chimney, above the Sistine Chapel. A groan went up, as a plume of smoke puffed out of the stack. It was black, telling the world that no pope was elected, with the cardinals’ ballots, that just went ablaze in the conclave’s fireplace. Outside, a baby cried, and its excited mother rattled, in fast Italian, with animated gestures. The baby mysteriously fell silent.... READ MORE